Our Mission

“To provide our customers with the best possible IT experience by improving response and resolution times, maintaining a healthy IT environment and planning for and preventing IT outages.”

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Our primary desire to use technology to provide our customers with solutions to meet their business needs. We believe a managed IT company should be invested in the long-term partnership. We recognize that as our clients grow their business, we grow ours. Because of this partnership, we seek to provide IT knowledge and expertise in a way that will enhance your productivity, reduce risks and increase profitability. We invest into building a reliable, scalable and secure IT environment today as well as the future.

Our focus is to bring enterprise IT solutions to small and medium size businesses. Enterprise IT solutions are designed and implemented to provide long-term service in a reliable environment.
To properly implement these enterprise IT solutions, requires system and network engineers with in-depth knowledge and experience in the technologies that are being implemented.

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Analyze, Plan, Implement, Manage

Before we make any improvements to your IT environment, we will first conduct an analysis to discover and document information about your network. Such as system health, business needs, system and software dependencies. With this information we can make plans with business leaders for improving the reliability and manageability of your existing IT environment. With a plan in place, we are able to implement improvements with minimal impact to business functions. All changes are documented for future reference in managing the environment. Further management of the system includes routine tasks and possible reoccurrences of the management lifecycle of analyze, plan, implement and manage.

Even with our planning and improving, disasters still occur outside of our control. Site disasters such as loss of electricity, cooling, flooding, fire and cyber-criminal attacks can interrupt service to your IT environment. To ensure our customers business continuance through these site disasters, we offer remote site recovery services to ensure the IT environment is available where ever they are.